Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Facebook introduces Apps for Timeline

Facebook’s timeline layout is fairly new and most of the users haven’t even made the switch but sill Facebook is taking it one more step further by introducing Apps for timeline.

facebook timeline app

The timeline apps will allow users to tell their stories in a third party way, you just install the apps like you use to add the other Facebook apps and they will put updates to your timeline as you want. Timeline apps are for the activities you want to share with friends.
You choose when to add an app, and you decide who can see it. After you've added an app, you can always remove posts directly from timeline, and you can also edit your settings from your personal Activity Log. Although some people are not willing to make the switch to the new Facebook timeline but adding the apps feature to the timeline might push them to make the switch.
To add apps to your timeline Visit Facebook Timeline Apps 

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