Friday, February 10, 2012

It’s not Windows 8 it is Windows Phone 8

Well Windows 8 is surely about to hit it’s beta version at the end of February, but some new Windows stuff is waiting around the corner from Microsoft.

It is the Windows Phone 8, which is the successor to the not so popular Windows Phone 7, Microsoft is struggling to put their name in the mobile OS market which is hugely dominated with the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Windows Phone 8 is not fully official but it is surely coming, we can say this because of some strong evidence around the internet.
Windows Phone 8 will carry forward that metro style, that tile like interface and is more likely Windows 8 ARM version, which is the coming version of the desktop based or rather a PC based version of the OS. How true is the new? only some official conformations will show, but for the moment the new version of the Windows phone is around the corner.

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