Monday, February 27, 2012

Skype makes way to Windows Phone 7

World’s most popular Video calling service finally hits beta at the Windows Phone market. Windows Phone 7 was struggling as a choice of users in front of Android and iOS which are surely dominating the market.

One of the reasons is also the absence of big or the popular apps, we could rather say late coming of the popular app in the Windows space. First we say Twitter and Facebook making a late entry in the Windows Phone 7 market place, but they did manage to make way and Skype is a new name in the list of late comers.
The late entry is mainly because of the unpopularity of the Windows Phone 7 platform, now things are looking slightly better for windows, I wouldn’t say great but yes with Nokia choosing Windows as their OS. The app was officially announced today at Mobile World Congress and the Gold version will be hitting the market in April. The Skype beta is available for free download and has got all the functionality that one can expect from Skype.

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