Friday, March 23, 2012

Even Facebook adds full screen mode in photo viewer

Our favourite social network is adding up features which might impress us and the new add up to the feature list is the addition of full screen mode in the Facebook photo viewer. But the point here is not about the addition or the coolness of features Facebook is adding. How many of you are in Google+…? 

Google Plus’ photo viewer looks the same and it is there since Google+ plus was available. Facebook recently updated the photo viewer, it looked like a copy of Google Plus’ photo viewer but Google Plus had that extra full screen feature but now it is not extra, both Facebook and Google+ has it.
Are developers working at Facebook out of ideas or what, they are looking to copy features and it is largely noticeable, it is Google plus, it’s not a small social network. Well we are loving the features but I think we want Facebook to be little different and innovative over the design of things.

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