Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to get a perfect cover photo for your Facebook profile

This is an interesting and an important question to ask, especially if most of your interactions are happening on Facebook and it really matters to you to make your profile look good.

You will have many friends who download cover pics from some unknown websites, they do have their site names in them, you can try them out but nothing better than having your custom one as your cover pic for your Facebook profile. Just take any good image from the internet or one from your collection of Photos in your hard disk and then crop that pic to a resolution of 850x315, which is the best fit for the Facebook cover photo.
If you are one of those photo editing geeks than you can try your hands on some editing, add up your name or any other things to the image depending on how far you are willing to stretch your creativity, you can promote your site like I am doing on my Facebook Profile or you can rather put your contact number or anything else. Make sure to make the image high contrast because Facebook does compress the images to make the site faster, so having an image with good contrast doesn't pixelate it. You can even use the pic above as your profile Cover pic....

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