Monday, March 5, 2012

Is Windows 8 creating some confusion for Developers…?

Windows has got the new Store to download software for your new Windows 8 based devices, some might think that this is a good thing for developers and also the users, but the story behind this is a little different. Yes this is good for both users and developers, but the down side is for those developers who are thinking of a long run and compatibility with the old Windows OSs.
Windows 8 is almost out and some people still use Windows XP and they are happy with it, so if you design a Metro style app this means your “App” will not support the older versions of the OS and now if you make a native app which is compatible with the older version, then you never know how long Windows is going to stick with the native Windows runtime, may be the next version will only have Metro style.
Microsoft will have to make things simpler for the developers because it is confusing what to do, things will be lot better as soon as the Windows 8 actually launches and people start to use it for the mainstream things they generally do at the moment on Windows 7. The other issue is the cost company will have to put on when deciding to make a Metro app which is the way to go in Windows 8 and also an app which can run on Windows 7, we are not even thinking about Windows XP support, because it way back in time OS. The problem here is the user experience, because the new UI is way way different than the conventional Windows look. Well only time will tell how this works out for Windows and also the developers, but surely the bright spot is Microsoft has put a lot of time in the new user experience and is really cool for users.

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