Friday, March 30, 2012

Should RIM go Nokia’s way?

RIM has been struggling with sales of Blackberry because of the popularity of Android and Apple devices in the market. Blackberry is in a similar situation as Nokia phones are, both having issues with attracting developers for their platforms Blackberry OS for RIM and Symbian for Nokia.

Nokia has made a choice that it is going to make a switch to the Windows Phone 7 OS and they have already done so, but for Blackberry this is a difficult choice to make, they have got a fairly good OS and this is what has taken them so far in this smartphone era, but still the developer interest is more for Windows phone 7 and it is increasing day by day because of the name of Microsoft with it, it is a big thing and the OS is also up to the mark for that brand name.
With that business background of Blackberry Windows phone could be a good choice, but what about the Blackberry OS then, the RIM CEO Thorsten Heins wants that Blackberry 10 OS in the smartphones they make instead of having Windows in them. This could be a possibility that RIM could consider Windows as their OS for blackberry and with increasing popularity of Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 to launch soon this might not be a wrong move, only time will tell what Blackberry is looking for and how Microsoft Windows Phone can help them.

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