Saturday, March 3, 2012

Windows 8 consumer preview new look of Windows

Windows have gone a long way in terms of design of the new OS, but the only part which is different is the metro UI otherwise it’s the same Windows 7 look and here I am just talking about the design.

When it comes to features it’s more of a Windows 7 plus, which in some way is a little add up to the existing Windows 7, although there is something different in the core with the new Windows runtime but still the desktop part is Windows 7 with some extra features. Now the Metro part of the Windows 8 is more like Windows Phone 7 which you can say the optimization for the tablets and big screen devices such as your PC.
There are some cool features with the Metro UI and the ability to download apps from the Windows app store thing is good. The overall experience of the OS is good for touchscreen devices such as the tablets or touch monitors, but with a mouse it will take time to find out how things happen. Can’t say much at this time, it will be a flop like Vista or a hit, but certainly it is not as bad as Windows Vista was, however that Vista “cancel allow” thing is still a part of Windows.

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