Thursday, March 15, 2012

Yahoo and Facebook jumps into sue game

We have seen smartphone brands suing each other in the recent pasts but this is the time for the internet brands to play the game. Well Yahoo has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against our favorite social network Facebook, is Yahoo jealous of Facebook’s success……?

That could be but the official reason is that Yahoo feels that Facebook is violating 20 patents covering technology for advertising, social networking, messaging and also the personalization of the site. This sounds interesting, but what Facebook says about this is, the similarity may be there because Yahoo and Facebook has worked together in the past and this could be the reason of some similarities.
Yahoo is claims that Facebook hasn’t paid the licensing fees for those patents they are using. Yahoo emphasized that they have put a lot on these technologies and this is the backbone of Yahoo, the research they have put into it is the main sole of Yahoo and many companies are paying for those patent licenses. Facebook’s answer to this was that Yahoo didn’t talked to Facebook about the matter clearly and straight away sued them. Well it will be interesting to see what actually happens in this matter and who wins over the other.

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