Sunday, April 29, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 might be around the corner

Amazon had a great success with the Kindle Fire, with its budgeted price and great performance. We might expect Amazon looking to continue with the Fire with a new Fire 2 later this year. Amazon did well with their first tablet in the market but missed a few things.

It was more of a ebook reader, mostly because of Amazon’s brand name attached to it, and now people are thing it as more of a tablet and because of that some rumors are floating around about the new Amazon Kindle Fire 2 hitting the markets soon.
According to some sources Amazon is looking to release Kindle Fire 2 in spring 2012, with the old measure of 7 inches display costing around $249, but there is a twist in the tale, there might be another 9 inches version of Kindle Fire 2 with almost the same price tag just a little high with the bigger screen size. The resolution of the display will be higher than the previous version of the Fire and will be powered by a quad core processor. At the moment the news can be tagged as a rumor but it is most likely that it will hit the markets soon.

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