Sunday, April 29, 2012

Best looking RSS reader for Windows users

Well when it comes to Windows there are not many good looking RSS readers, and we are satisfied with the normal looking ones because they do the job rightly. On the other hand mac has got some great looking RSS readers which make the experience great and you keep on reading and reading.

But here is the solution for the Windows users, “Readefine Desktop”, this might not be the one as good looking as the mac ones but this one is better compared to other Windows options.
It syncs with Google reader so your RSS is right there for you and you can even add more, it gives a good newspaper like interface and is an Adobe Air based application. So better try it yourself and tell me below on comments how you feel about this option as your main RSS reader for Windows and if you have more options or a favorite one better comment below about it. Just hit the link and give it a try......
 Readefine Desktop

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