Friday, April 13, 2012

Change the UI of your android into an iPhone iOS look

We will have to admit that iPhone lovers are more in number when compared to the Android lovers and if you are reading this there is an iPhone lover in you as well. So we love the iPhone but we are not likely to spend money on it, so we are going to stick with that Google Android powered phone, as we can easily and for free transform the UI of our Android into an iPhone’s UI.

transform android into iPhone

Well I have that iPhone lover in me and I want my Android to look as an iPhone, not the body but the inner stuff, so in my search for the iPhone look I came across a wonderful free theme or rather app for Android which transforms android home screen into and iPhone home screen which is Espier Launcher.
Espier Launcher has got a perfect look as the iOS 5 and also the features, one can rearrange icons create folders and also use the search feature similar to spotlight in the home screen. At the bottom Espier Launcher has got that iOS like dock which is also customizable. This is it for the talk, just hit the download link below and transform your Android into an iPhone.

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