Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do you ask your parents before buying Facebook Credits?

Well if you are above 18 you are ok with buying credits from Facebook for use in various apps but if you still haven’t crossed that age mark or you are a parent or guardian you need to look into this matter. Facebook has got that policy, minor needs to take permeation from their parents before buying any Facebook credits, buy how many of them are really taking the time to ask about it. In US many of the users which are below that 18 mark are using their parent’s credit card to make a purchase of credits from Facebook without any permission from parents, due to this many of the parents have raised voice against Facebook.
Their point is that Facebook must not allow these transitions because one cannot be sure about whether the user has taken permission or not. In a similar matter Arizonan Glynnis Bohannon a US citizen who found her son using her credit card to make such purchases from Facebook, she is looking to take a legal action against Facebook on this issue and also wants parents from US facing the same problems should support her in this action on Facebook. This doesn’t look that much promising against the world’s most popular social network but we can at least expect a refund.

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