Friday, April 13, 2012

The Official Google Android Tablet will be coming after July

Well the news about the official Android Tablet from Google is around since last year but still Google is not hurrying into it, maybe Google wants a perfect Android tablet better than all the available options in the market. According to some recent reports Google tablet, “The official Android Tablet” will launch somewhere around July this year, so for all of those who are still holding up and waiting for the launch of the official Google Android tablet will have to keep on waiting till Google lift those curtains.

Official Tablet From Google

Google might be showcasing the tablet at Google I/O this year and there is also a possibility that the tablet can have the newer version of the Android which is codenamed as Jelly Beans.
Well although this looks too much early to have a tablet with the latest version of the Android which is still unknown but you never know with Google, they move too quickly in this tech world. This tablet from Google is expected to be a 7 incher with a low price tag of somewhere around $200. Apple has totally dominated the tablet market and Google surely needs to find an answer to that and that to a better one or at least good enough to give some fight to Apple iPad.

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