Friday, April 6, 2012

Pinterest making a name in the social network space

A few months back we don’t need another social network we were happy with Facebook and Twitter and then Google thing Google Plus. But there is a twist in the tale a startup suddenly came in the way named Pinterest.

According to the latest statistics Pinterenst is the third most popular social network present in the planet leaving behind the power of Google which was with Google plus. Pinterest had 17.8 million unique visitors in February. Going a little back in time Pinterest was at number 10 in the list of social networks way behind the names likes of Linkedin and Tumblr but just a few month it made a mark and it has now jumped to number 3 in that list.
It is still a long way to go to touch Twitter and Facebook but still its growth has been remarkable. It might not be the next Facebook and surely they don’t want to be, in this more than competitive social network market growing against the odds is surely a great achievement.

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