Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 5 most used Free Android apps of the week on my Phone

Well I will be coming up with some cool new app suggestion for you every week with top 5 apps I will test and play around with for a week. Here is the first list of the top 5 for the week 26th March to 2nd April 2012.

At No. 5 is Pulse
I am a big fan of RSS and have subscriptions to so many sites so getting updates sometimes get boring with so much text around. With Pulse for android it is real fun browsing through the RSS feeds with such an amazing UI, pulse is surely the best RSS reader available for Android at the Google Play Store. It is the best looking RSS reader with amazing and neat UI so if you are still searching for some RSS reader, must download Pulse.

At No. 4 is NDTV Cricket
If you love cricket as I do this is a great app to try, there are other apps in the market which may be good but this came pre installed in my phone and I never felt the need to make a switch to other one. It gives latest news and live scores of almost all major matches across the globe. I can’t say this is the best app available for cricket news and live scores but certainly not a bad one, you can give it a try.

At No. 3 is Dolphin Browser HD
Now this one is for the internet users if you are still using the default web browser you should make a switch, not because your default android web browser is bad but because Dolphin Browser HD is the best. Dolphin Browser HD is a free web browser for android and it is an old name in the mobile browser market and some time you can feel like using Google chrome in your android, it is a very good option if you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser on your desktop or laptop as chrome is only available for ICS this is the best option available in the android play store.

At No. 2 is App to SD free
I download a lot of apps and try them out so sometimes it become difficult to manage the internal storage of the phone and finally a message pops up that your phone’s internal memory is low and you need to make some space. So for a solution App to SD free is a great option to manage apps on your android device, it lets you know which apps can be moved to the SD card and as soon as you install such apps which can be copied to the SD card it will notify you to move that app to SD card. The other things at which App to SD free is good at is removing cache, whenever you will open the app it will give you a message to clear app cache which is taking a good amount of space in your phone. It has also got a pro version but the free version is almost good with ads.

At No. 1 is Messenger
This is the official Facebook messenger, if you have a Facebook account and an Android then must download this app to connect with your Facebook friends. Once you install this app in your phone your friends will see a phone in front of your name in the chat window when you are offline and a green dot as usual when you are online. You can send messages to offline friends and also when you are offline, this is by far the best Facebook messenger available for Android.

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