Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Google can do a duck can also do

This is true if Google can make a search even a Duck can, no no I am not talking about that quack quack thing, it is actually duckduckgo.com. Duckduckgo is a search engine which can be used as an alternate to Google, many of the search engines use Google search results as Google is the best in the business but the Duck has its own way of searching things.

It find things by category which can be sometimes very useful if you exactly know what type of thing you are searching for. It has got a very neat user interface not much cluttered by ads and it also has an image of that quack quack thing which is in its name.
Duckduckgo is a very good alternate to Google and bing and even yahoo (if you still use it), once you start using it you will start loving it and recently with those new policies from Google searching an alternate and then searching with it is a good move.

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