Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Will Google drive kill Dropbox and Sky Drive..?

Google finally announced the Google Drive which was a rumor floating around for a while now and it has turned into an official Google product. Google drive is a cloud storage service more like Dropbox and Microsoft’s Sky Drive.

Now with this launch from Google it has raised a question that, will it be the end of other services like Dropbox which has dominated the cloud storage space without any major competition.
Google is Google but Dropbox is no less in terms of the cloud storage service, Google wants people to put data on their servers and nowhere else, as they are moving to the aim of collecting all the information and putting it on their servers.

Free Space
The new Google Drive gives a free 5GB space compared to the 2GB by Dropbox but Dropbox has the option of referring the service to friends to upgrade the storage to upto 16GB without paying anything and Sky Drive gives 7GB free space to its new users.

Dropbox Pro offers 50 GB of storage space for $99 per year, Sky Drive20 GB for about $10 per year or 50 GB for $25 per year and the new name Google Drive offers upgrade to 25 GB for less than $2.50 a month.

Available Platforms
When talking about the availability on different platforms Google Drive at the moment is available for PC, mac and android devices and it says it will soon be available for iPhone and iPad, on the other hand Dropbox is available for almost all the platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android, Skydrive is available for Windows, mac, Windows phone, iPad and iPhone.

Dropbox is available on more platforms compared to any other service which gives it an edge. All have the same user experience of syncing and dragging and dropping things no major changes. It is too early to compare Google Drive with others as it has just made entry in the market but with Google’s name it will be easier for Google Drive to cover the market more quickly. Dropbox and Sky Drive are still good services and nowhere less than Google Drive.

I don’t know about the kill part of things but it is very good for users making a move to the cloud with good options to choose from, we have Dropbox which is dominating the market at the moment then the Microsoft’s Sky Drive and now Google Drive.


  1. Thnx for such a detailed comparison, after reading this post I checked and upgraded my skydrive from 7GB to 25GB, as I am a loyal member and this upgrade option was available only for existing users for a limited time.

    1. yes, even I have 25GB of space, the old members can upgrade to 25 GB but the new signups will have only the option of 7GB for free


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