Thursday, April 5, 2012

Yahoo going small, eliminates over 2000 positions

Yahoo is looking to make some saving by saying good bye to more than 2000 employs. Yahoo is expected to make a saving of $375 Million by firing 2000 employs and this will not be the only time Yahoo will be firing people.

It is expected that this layoff from Yahoo will be increasing the number of fires from 2000 to more as Yahoo has around 14,000 full time employs and they will be decreasing this number as less they could. Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson said that they will be concentrating on developing in this quick paced industry and will try to satisfy needs of advertisers and costumers, to achieve such Goals the company needs to eliminate some positions to cut down the cost on employs.
Yahoo needs something to really lift them and may be this move of dropping down the number of employs might help them move in the right direction.

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