Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5 similarities between Facebook and Google Plus

Well Google Plus and Facebook has got many things in common, we all know and use Facebook the old name in the business but Google Plus being a part of Google cannot be ignored. So here I have got a few things which are common between Facebook and Google +

  1. Photo Viewer: Well this is the thing which looks almost the same, as I found it, there might be some changes between them but they look alike. I have got a screenshot below showing the similarity.

  2. Cover Images: Now this one was a part of Facebook as the new Timeline look got live, but Google Plus had a UI update and the brings the new cover images to Googel plus as well. For this case also I have got a snapshot.

  3. Fan Pages: This is one of the important things for the brands in these social networks, some might even say this is an essential part of social networks, but this is a similarity. You can’t say who is copying the other or is it even a copy of a kind..?
  4. Lists/Circles: This thing is called list in Facebook and Circles in Google Plus, different names but both allow us to group our contacts and filter out which information is more important to us.
  5. Social Networks: The most common thing between Facebook and Google Plus is that they both are social Networks and work the same way with a little bit changes. This final similarity is not a kind of similarity, but it is one the things common about both Google Plus and Facebook.
So these are the few similarities between Google Plus and Facebook, and if you have some more, feel free to comment below with your ideas on this :)

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