Monday, May 7, 2012

Cheaper macbook air in Q3 this year

In the Q3 of the year 2012 we might see the entry of Apple in the budget laptop market with new MacBook Air. Apple is expected to release a cheaper version of MacBook Air with a price tag of $799, which will be Apple’s first budget MacBook in the history of Apple.

As the ultrabooks are gaining popularity and almost all the major brands have one in the bag, it is time for Apple to increasing their offering in the budget section. Although it is still a rumor but is almost certain that Apple is going to do this, as windows8 is soon to enter the market and also the decreased prices of the SSDs will force Apple to take this step.
Not much specification of the budget MacBook Air is out but it will be powered by Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 processor because of the low cost. It will be interesting to see the specifications of the new MacBook Air in the coming months and also whether it is coming or not.

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