Friday, May 4, 2012

HTC one X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

So Samsung Galaxy S III is coming out soon and let’s compare it with the best Android phone in the Market at the moment and see how good it is and is it good enough to outrace HTC one X.

 In favor of HTC one X
HTC one X has 4x 1.5Ghz CPU vs the 4x 1.4Ghz on the Samsung Galaxy S3, in the processor power one X has 7% faster CPU clock speed then the Galaxy S3. It has got a better camera then the Galaxy S3 without any doubt, with the options such as  serial shot mode, back-illuminated sensor and HDR mode. HTC one X is 3g lighter compared to the Samsung Galaxy S III.

In favor of Samsung Galaxy S III
It has got more battery power, 2,100mAh vs the 1,800mAh battery on the one X. The front facing camera of Samsung Galaxy S III is slightly with more pixels, it has 1.9MP compared to the 1.3MP. Galaxy S3 has got a bigger screen, a 4.8 inches display vs the 4.7 inches display of HTC one X and finally it is 0.69mm thinner than the one X.

So it is real tough to really choose a winner between them but still the HTC one X has got a little edge over the Samsung Galaxy S3. It is up to you which one you choose and do share in the comments below your favorite one between the two.

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