Friday, May 4, 2012

Microsoft Store needs some security in India

The Indian version of the Microsoft Store says, “We're investing in an online store upgrade for customers, and a new and improved site will launch in late 2012.” Now some reports suggest that the Microsoft Store in India was under some attack, it was hacked a few months back in India and from then the site is not live, it has gone under some development.

I think Microsoft is looking to make the site more safe and reliable for consumers and also the developers who put in their valuable work on the site for sale.
Microsoft need to be more careful about the security of the Windows store as it is the backbone for Windows 8 to succeed in the long run. So for the Indians who have started making a switch to Windows8 it is not that good news and they will have to wait until late 2012 to make full use of the new operating system form Microsoft.

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