Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RIM launches Blackberry 10 OS

This is what blackberry fans and RIM were waiting for the next gen Blackberry OS. Well the dominance of Apple and Android were slowly and slowly killing Blackberry, one of the reasons was the OS and seeing that RIM has got a newer version of the OS.

The developers can code native apps for Blackberry 10 OS in C/C++ or Qt and it Blackberry also offers a BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK which allows web developers to code apps using HTML5.
The new OS also relies heavily on HTML5 for its cross platform support, as we know that the new Blackberry OS will also have the option to run Android apps with just a few changes. So a good opportunity for developers and a good news for the Blackberry fans.


  1. Replies
    1. hmmmm surely it is late but still they are moving in the right direction... :)

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