Saturday, June 23, 2012

How close are we to Einstein’s Dream: Is string theory the solution

It was the year 1955, one of the greatest minds ever lived on the planet finally said good bye. That good bye gave birth to the journey of completing an incomplete dream, to find an equation not more than an inch long defining everything that exists in this whole universe, “The Grand Unified Theory”. In the last 30 years of his life Einstein was working on that concept to unify everything that exists as a part of this universe, a theory that could answer every possible question in the world of physics. When he died, on his desk was the unfinished manuscript of that dream which is still alive in every physicist’s heart and brain.

Almost 46 years after his death we still are not sure about the answer, many people believe that if Einstein would have lived for at least 2 more years he would have got the answer. The problem is that the tiny and the big don’t want to be friends or more technically the quantum world doesn’t seem to be connecting with the large object science. We have four fundamental forces, strong and week nuclear force, electromagnetic force and the gravitational force. Main aim of the problem is to combine all fundamental forces in a single concept, which could explain all the forces, and how particles and objects interact using those forces, but how...?
The concept which are the most closest of being crowned as the theory of everything or the Grand Unification theory are String Theory and MOND (which stands for Modified Newtonian Dynamics), out of which string theory is the one on which most physicists have faith. String Theory says that the most fundamental unit of the universe is a string, which are very very small, even smaller than the quarks, of which the atomic particles are made of. This concept puts the universe in a whole new dimension or you can say dimensions. Yes I am talking about dimensions; string theory says that the strings vibrate in 12 dimensions, which form the different symphony of particles, or simply forms different particles. The most important solution the addition of extra dimensions provide is the answer to the question that, why gravity is a weaker force compared to the other three forces..? The solution to this is, assume a particle Graviton similar to the particles which carry or transfer other forces. Now when gravitons are transferred from one object to the other, a huge number of particles are leaked to the other higher dimensions resulting in the wakening of the impact of gravity. By assuming that particles of gravity exist we are unifying the way how all fundamental forces interact in the physical world. But the problem with this hypothesis is that it may or may not be true, the mathematics of the higher dimensions doesn’t exist yet and we doesn’t even know how are those rest of the dimensions behave, what is the nature of the Physical laws in those dimensions, how small or big they are and how are they related to our 3 dimensional world or 4 dimensional including the time dimension. It is very difficult to detect those particles, if they exist at all because they disappear in the higher dimensions pretty quickly. We still don’t have a proof for the existence of the gravity particles, Gravitons. In fact this is one of the projects on which the scientists are working at CERN. This was just the basic reflection of string Theory in terms of the particle relation between the four forces, it’s a vast topic and an interesting one as well, it is difficult to prove the concept but still most of the scientist are backing it up because of it’s elegance in describing the physical world.


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