Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Android Jelly bean almost a 5.0 not 4.1

The new version of the Android was revealed at the Google I/O, it was the Android 4.1, which logically is an update to ICS but with a different name. The Jelly Bean with the numbers 4.1 seems like just a fixed version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but taking a deeper look into it will change your point of view.

Android Jelly Bean is a huge step forward than the last version of the Android, it’s faster than ever with the new Project Butter, which make transitions on the device smoother than anything, making it a wonderful experience.
One feature for which I was waiting for in the Android was the ability to resize widgets on the home screen. The other updates include the new camera app which is better and much nicer, the new notifications area which is much more advanced and useful. The major update to Android was the offline version of the Voice typing engine, Google has now put the voice typing engine offline right into your phone which will allow you to voice type anything without any internet connection, which is really amazing and the other add up to the voice thing is the new improved search engine, which now works like Apple’s Siri. The Jelly Bean will be available from mid July, the update will reach Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S and Motorola XOOM before anyone else.

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