Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Google buys sparrow, but is it the end of sparrow

Sparrow is now a part of Google to work on new things form Google’s Gmail side. The only worry for the sparrow users is that, we don’t want to see sparrow dyeing a slow death, similar to what we saw with the mobile version of tweetdeck, although it is still available for download but we haven’t seen any update from a long time to the application.

The case is a little reverse in sparrow we will be seeing innovations and updated to the mobile version but I am not to sure about the desktop version, it may exists or not but I want it to stay at least for the mac.
The main reason for the buy could be Google looking for a better user experience in the mobile app for Gmail or may be Google looking for a desktop version of Gmail. Google has bought sparrow for round about $25 million according to a few sources and also that the sparrow team will be working on Gmail and Google will not be releasing any updates to sparrow. I will have an eye on this matter and lets see what happens to sparrow.

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