Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Higgs Boson found: a historical day in Physics

So this is finally official now that the “God Particle” Higgs Boson is most likely discovered. In fact a team at CERN has discovered a particle which is consistent with the properties of Higgs Boson and we are almost 99.999% sure that the particle is Higgs Boson, the one we were looking for.

Still scientist will continue working on this new and remarkable discovery and make sure that the found particle is Higgs Boson or something else.
Whatever it will be, most likely Higgs Boson, it will take physics to a new direction. But what is Higgs Boson and why is it so important to us..? Higgs Boson is an elementary particle, which in short gives mass to all the other particles present in the universe, shaping our universe and making it the way it is. Today on 4th July CERN has officially announced that they have found a particle consistent with the expectations of Higgs Boson, which will fill, in the last piece of the standard model. Now with this discovery scientists are excited to find more about the particle, it could be two cases, that it will have nothing more to it and we already know much about it and the other way around is that it will show us or shape a whole new understanding in Physics. The coming months will be very interesting for the Physics lovers and the ones who are very curious about the universe.

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