Sunday, July 29, 2012

Is Google looking for a better web or to dominate Internet

Google, the biggest Internet Company to ever exist on the planet is constantly evolving and adding new domains to their work. Well I am not talking about the Internet domain, which is something like but the actual fields of Google’s work, their new projects such as Google Glasses, Google Nexus Q or be it Google fibers, it is constantly jumping into the related businesses and increasing their presence in the market.

To some, this may sound like a good thing but what about others, what about the other brands which also exist, are we likely to see the monopoly of Google in the internet and the related markets in the coming years or is there any room for others to make an impact.
Well Google also have the resources and the name to absorb the small brands which make some name for themselves, up till now there is no doubt that the internet is dominated by Google, a person which has never used internet even knows the name of Google. I don’t know the dominance of just a single brand in the market is good or bad for the technology but one thing is for sure that Google has got the trust of most of the population on the planet and adding to that it also has got most of the information about you and me then any other brand or a database in the planet.

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