Monday, July 16, 2012

What is your favorite web browser?

There are so many web browsers available and all for free, so this is getting difficult to choose one and stick to it for a while. Here I have a few options, which include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer, Rockmelt and Maxthon. All have something in unique, here is a video describing what makes then different from one another and why Google Chrome is my favorite one.
WebKit is the rendering engine used in Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome and is the most widely used browser engine in the world that includes the mobile devices as well. Mozilla uses the Gecko browser engine in firefox, which is an open source project and Opera uses the presto engine. Microsoft uses Trident browser engine in Internet Explorer and other Microsoft products such as Outlook.


  1. Thanks for your help! One thing that you mentioned that is key for me... The ability to synchronize bookmarks on Chrome with other devices. That capability would really be nice between my droid phone, ipad, imac and windows 7 laptop. I will be checking it out over the next couple of weeks.
    thanks again from Saint Augustine, Florida

    1. yeps its the best part about Google Chrome, I am sure you will like it... :)


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