Sunday, August 19, 2012

Average Salary of a Graphic designer and Web Developer

Well they are the guys building the web and I happen to be one of them, here is the average annual salary of designers and developers. Here is an infographic giving a good idea which country is good for making money for developers and designers. Switzerland is a nice place to be graphic designer and Australia for web Developers as the average annual salary in US Dollars is $96,306.28 and $87,000 respectively.
On the other hand Philippines is not good for both and so as India where I live. So if you are looking to migrate from your country and looking to make a move to other country, this might help you to make a good and profitable move.


  1. what about programmers ?? :P

    1. aaah for programers it depends on the the work they are doing or the projects they are on and also on the company they are working for. programers can be categorized more broadly then the graphic designers and web developers so may no certain predictions on their salaries.....! :)


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