Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook iOS app now twice as fast with the new update

Facebook finally has some update to the mobile, this looks to be a step forward by Facebook proving their direction to the mobile web. The iOS apps of Facebook have got an update and the update is both for iPhone and the iPad apps.

Facebook is claiming that the new app is twice as fast compared to the older version of the app and also that the apps have been redesigned from the ground up to make this speed improvement possible. Some of the improvements are in terms of smoother and faster scrolling in the app and also the app seems to be opening much faster.
The main change is the switch to the native objective C language to code the app instead of HTML5 which has really improved the performance of the app. The version of the update is 5.0 and is now available at the app store both for iPhone and iPad. We are also expecting a new version hitting the Android soon built with the native code.

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