Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get access to all Google services with just one click

A Google menu right in your browser with all the links to Google products and the ability to search with just one click will be nice for those who love Google products and constantly keep switching between services. Here is a quick solution for you, “black menu”, an extension for Google Chrome. The extension will make things easy for you and switching easy between Google products.

The primary menu, containing a search box with the single search types below them. Type a search query and hit enter for a regular web search, or click one of the search types below to narrow down the results.
If you don't enter a search query, a click on a particular search type will bring you to the respective Google service. It has got good options to try out but a little to much for a user who is looking for simple things and sometimes it gets a little confusing, but still a nice and useful extension to have.

Score: 3.5/5
Black Menu (Google Web Store)

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