Sunday, August 26, 2012

Apple iPad mini to release in October

Some new sources claim that the new iPad mini will be introduced in October, the mini version of the iPad is in the tech space for a while now. This is a rumor still that Apple is coming out with a smaller version of the iPad, a 7.85 inches version of the iPad, which is turning into a reality from a rumor.

Although there are no official words from Apple on this new size of the iPad but it is almost certain that Apple has it and they will be releasing it in October just a few weeks after the announcement of the next gen iPhone on 12th September.
Adding to this there are also rumors about the new versions of the iPods coming later this year. Apple products are always in the rumors before they are finally introduced, so is it going to stay a rumor or reality, only time will tell but it is 80% certain that Apple is going to come out with the iPad mini and also the name will stay the same “iPad mini”.

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