Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Say goodbye to Hotmail and hello to outlook

Windows has moved on with their email experience and now offering outlook as the replacement for the Hotmail. If you are still not made the switch to the new and clean Hotmail, just type in in your address bar and hit enter.

You will find a new experience with the new and cleaner look in the new windows mail more of an inspiration from the Windows 8 Metro UI. It is a lot cleaner and looks a little better than the older version of Windows mail ‘hotmail’, have just made the switch a few days back so the experience has been good so far and Windows has also made some integration to Twitter and Facebook giving some cool options like updating the status right in from the mail and also the ability to chat with Facebook friends on the go without leaving outlook. So try the new outlook and you will have to stick to it because there is no way back ;)

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