Friday, August 17, 2012

Still with Android ICS where is Jelly Bean

This is the bad part about having an Android device, you can never have the latest version of the OS installed in your device. As soon as you get the latest one it gets outdated before you get familiar with the OS.

Many of the devices are still waiting for an update to ICS, which is short for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich but the down side is Jelly Bean is already available in the market in the Google’s official tablet, the Nexus Tab.
So is it a good move to buy an ICS phone or tablet knowing that the latest version of the Android OS is available and is better performing than the current version..? Well if you are only concerned about the looks then better grab the ICS device and wait for the update to Jelly Bean, but if you want a better experience right from the beginning then look a Jelly Bean device, if you want a tablet better go for nexus tab, at the moment no phone is available in the market with jelly bean, so you will have to wait for that. This is one concern for Android users and why iPhone wins on this issue, the new iphone is also a few months far so you can even consider that as an option.

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