Friday, August 10, 2012

Where is blackberry going?

Things are surely not looking good for blackberry, which was once the top smartphone choice. A few years back Blackberry was the only smartphone in the market, but then came the Apple iPhone, which changed the meaning of a smartphone.

Now with the changed meaning people wanted more from their berries but RIM was not moving with the same pace, as a result Apple took over the market and then came the big player Google, with Android and also a big range of devices to chose from in different price ranges and now finally is the time for some Windows.
RIM has been consistently loosing the consumer base since 2006 and is still no way looking up for RIM. Google Android is dominating the market and the market share doesn’t seem to be coming down anytime soon for Google Android, so RIM need to do something different to gain back the needs of their customers as BBM is not the only option available in the market who can do some messaging. Have a look at the graph here how blackberry has fallen in the smartphone market share with the coming of new players in the game. Lets see what RIM has to offer in the coming years, there must be something new otherwise they are in a big problem.

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