Sunday, August 5, 2012

Which is the safest email service

Email is a thing of past these days, it can be considered as a history of communication, but still there are some things for which we need email. Also adding to this our email ids are linked to other sites and if anyone gets access to our email he or she can reset our passwords.
Now we even have our email accounts linked to our social sites like Facebook and Twitter and we surely don’t want anyone to get access to our accounts and also our private information. These are a few things that can go wrong if we don’t have a secure email service, so how can I judge that the email service I am using is secure..? There is a simple answer to this question, we need a service that has multiple layer authentication. Now what is a multiple layer authentication…? This is a security system, which verifies that only you can login to the account by asking for information in two or more different ways. A very good example of multiple layer authentication service is Google’s Gmail, it has a system which registers your phone number and whenever you login to your account, it first asks the usual username and password and then sends a message to your registered phone number or calls on the number to give you a code, now you put that code in the next screen and you are then logged into the account if the code is correct. At the moment Gmail is the only major email service which is using this multiple layer authentication service and that too is very easy to setup and use, so to me the answer to the question at the moment is Gmail, which is the most secure email service available. Well this is only my view on this matter and there could be more services available which may be better than Gmail, so do have your say on the comment section below and let me know which is your favorite email service and how secure it is in your opinion.

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  1. I'm a Gmailer and I have used and had gmail from the very first week it was available. I was an original invite from Google and I'd 'almost' agree with you until recently.

    People are loosing their emails. They are disappearing. I doubted this at first until it happened to me. I didn't loose all of them, but sporadically a group of emails, such as a 3 or 4 day period, will just vanish.

    With that thought, I still use Gmail I simply also run Thunderbird everyday at least once to dl my email to my computer. 3 Words of the day... back-up back-up back-up.


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