Friday, August 31, 2012

Why is Facebook going social on mobile?

The future of Social is right in your hands and the biggest social world, “The World of Facebook” also reaching your hands. The most important thing these days is a phone in anyone’s life, people might forget to take other things with them but not a phone, in more simple words a phone is a part of your social.

You really can’t imagine of a person with a phone, until she or he is too young to have one or too old. Facebook is looking to take advantage of this socialness of mobile devices in our lives and make Facebook a real social thing.
The purchase of Instagram was a great example of Facebook’s mobile plans for the future, future is going towards mobile and Facebook want’s to be a part of that future. Soon we will be in a time where desktop will only be a part of computer textbooks and smartphones and tablets will replace them. Social networks are made for sharing and what better then a phone can help you share what you are doing right when you are doing. The only challenge for Facebook is monetizing the social network, the main source of income, in mobile there is not enough space to put ads with content so they need to be smart keeping user experience in mind. This will be a big challenge for Facebook and also the time for it to move to the next and be a part of this evolving world.

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