Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will there be ban on Samsung Phones in the US

As the patent case between Apple and Samsung goes in favor of Apple there are chances that Samsung could face a ban on selling a few Android phones in the US. Still there is time for Samsung, as the hearing on this matter is shifted to December.

We will have to wait till December to get some final words on this, as Apple will be hoping to win this one, Samsung on the other hand will be hoping that they some how escape this.
The hearing has been moved to 20th September-6th December by Judge Lucy Koh. The case seem to be swing to Apple’s side as recently jury decided that Samsung will have to pay more than 1 Billion US Dollar to Apple in damages for patent infringements. Some hearings are also along the line in September on Samsung’s 10.1 inches Galaxy tab. So lets see how things pan out for Samsung and how is Apple profited by this.

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