Monday, September 3, 2012

Kindle to release 2 tablets this week, both 7 inches

The release of the new Fire was expected and also that there will be 2 variants of the fire but the surprising part is that both will be 7 inchers. It was expected that Amazon will release a 7 inches and a 10 inches tablet to compete with Google Nexus and the other one with the iPad.

It’s almost official now that there will be two 7 inches Fires releasing this week on Amazon’s press event on 6th of September.
The new Fire will have a much faster processor and camera as well which was missing from the older Fire, adding to this there will be a HDMI port as well. Both will be running Android but with new looks and will be all Amazon centered user experience. The storage will be more but still no space of a micro-SD card slot, meaning no expandable storage. It will be interesting to see what makes them different and how they are priced as Amazon finally reveals the new Fires on Thursday.

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