Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New iPhone features: Some conformed changes for the event tomorrow

The iPhone is just almost here and so many months of rumors and speculation will come to a reality as Apple announces the iPhone5 tomorrow. There were so many leaks from the time of the release of the iPhone4S, but now things are looking more clear and the picture is clear that how the iPhone will look like.

The new iPhone will feature a bigger screen, a 4 inches screen with 16:9 aspect ratio, which is good for watching some HD videos. The dock connecter is smaller in the new iPhone 5, which is a good thing and the smaller dock connector at the bottom makes some room for the headphone jack that comes down from the top of the phone.
The change in the dock size might not be good for your accessories, the switch will be a little painful for a year or so but it is a way forward and smaller dock connector will allow more hardware features in the future. The leaks are not out of the world, Androids can do it as well, we haven’t seen any remarkable form Apple, but it is Apple so be ready for surprises. I hope that I will have something awesome and great to write about the new iPhone, at least one thing that I haven’t herd about the iPhone5 in the leaks.

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