Thursday, September 20, 2012

Samsung all set to file complain against Apple over iPhone 5

So its time for Samsung to file some patent violation cases against Apple on the use of 4G LTE in the new iPhone 5. Samsung has conformed that it will soon take action in California court after they fully inspect the iPhone 5 as soon as it gets available.

Although it is not certain that Samsung will find something significant against Apple or not, but Samsung expects its lawsuit will cover 8 patents.
This will be an interesting war, as Apple will likely not give advantage to other companies and specially Samsung over the patent issues. Apple has already accused devices like Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 10.1 and even Galaxy S III. It is even looking to target Google Android as it also includes Android Jelly Beans in the accused technologies. So all eyes will be on Samsung and the number of patent violation over the iPhone 5 in the coming weeks as Samsung officially file complains.

via: FOSS Patents

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