Friday, October 19, 2012

Apple iPad event official now, on 23 October

Apple now has got a little more to show us, this is the most expected event for the iPad mini. Apple is going to host an event on 23rd of October in San Jose, California and the invites are already sent out. The event will start at 10 AM and all the apple fans are expecting a smaller, cheaper version of the iPad, the iPad mini. Although Apple hasn’t revealed anything on this event and not even saying true to the rumors of the iPad mini but it is going to be the smaller iPad.
Some predictions are that the iPad mini will be priced at $300 and Apple might be revealing 13inches macbook Pro with retina display with an upgraded mac mini. This event will be interesting to see because the new iTunes still for a release and most likely it’s the iPad mini day for the iTunes release as well, so the wait is on for the new smaller and cheaper iPad mini. ε-(´・`) フ

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