Saturday, October 20, 2012

Google to Bing to Google a quick comparison

A few months back I changed my search engine form Google to Bing, just to try out something new with web search, its not that I got bored of Google but was looking to test out other options. Bing was surely not a bad option to try out for about 2-3 months but I really missed Google because of some irrelevant results from Bing.
Both Google and Bing has got similar options for their users, that includes the web search, images, maps, mail and other options, Google somehow is better with all the services when compared to Bing’s offerings, but this doesn’t mean that Bing is bad, it is quite usable as well. After so many days, weeks and months with Bing I sometimes thought “I need to search Google for this” and that feeling made me switch back to Google. So I came back to Google search and here is a video on my views on my experience with Bing and a little comparison between both the search engines.

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