Wednesday, October 24, 2012

new Apple product line after iPad mini, a quick look

Here is a quick look at the Apple event which held yesterday 23rd October 2012. It was a day of announcements with some disappointments for the Apple fans. The event started with some news on Apple products with some intros and all, then it was the iMac time. iMac was the first device on the event and really was a jaw dropping design, such a thin design of the new iMac, it was really impressive. Then came the turn of the macbook, the new 13 inches macbook Pro was announced with the retina display as expected with specifications similar to the 15 inches macbook retina display, but still the older generation of the macbook is still available in the market for those who are not interested in the new gorgeous retina technology.
With macbook the mac mini also got the hardware updates, nothing much to talk about its just the faster and better little box. After the PC lineup it was time for the tablet the iPad and surprisingly Apple announced the 4th Gen iPad which is twice as fast with the new A6 chip. After the 10 inches it was time for some mini stuff and that was the iPad mini the much anticipated tablet, a 7.9 inches HD display, with a really slim design. Apple compared it with the Google Nexus 7 but it was no where close to the price point of Nexus as the iPad mini prices are starting form $329. The iPad mini is a little expensive but still it's the iPad and for those looking for a new tablet is a nice option and it is surely not a good idea to get iPad mini if you already have an iPad, you can have it if you just want to have it. The new version of the Free app for the mac the iBooks author was released but no signs of the new iTunes. I was personally waiting for the new iTunes and I am really disappointed not seeing it get available tomorrow. Just check out the video for more on this and do have your say in the comments below, what you felt about the event and the products updated in the event.

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