Monday, October 8, 2012

Some changes in Google search while I was with Bing

A few months back I decided to make a move from Google search to Bing search and test out how good is bing and can web search be something other then Google. I tested out with Bing for around 2-3 months, without using Google at all, but finally I kinda got frustrated with Bing search results and switched back to Google search.

The Bing results were not that bad, but were not that relevant compared with Google search and lacked on many of the features. Talking of features, while I was enjoying my time with Bing search Google added some nice features to the search such as a search calculator, value converter, integration with Wikipedia and postal code searches. And with these new features I will surely not be switching from Google for a while until a new search engine come in the picture or may be the already existing one do come up with something nice and better then Google. Check this video out just a quick look at the changes or improvements in Google search in the recent months.

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