Thursday, October 4, 2012

What if every person on earth points a laser at Moon?

Now this is surely one of the interesting ones and out from a mind of kid because the big ones most likely don’t think this way. Well the situation here is What if every person on the planet is given one of the most powerful laser beams to point towards the moon what will be the effect on the Moon. Crazy enough. lets come to some practicality, if we do so I don’t know about the moon but before something happens to the Moon we all on earth will die. Unfortunately, the laser energy flow would turn the atmosphere to plasma, instantly igniting the Earth's surface and killing us all. The moon is not visible to all parts of the globe at the same time, Since about 75% of the world’s population lives between 0°E and 120°E so the people are gathered somewhere over the Arabian Sea.
The moon to target is the quarter moon so that we could see best effects of the laser on the dark side of the moon. Now the targeting starts form a typical red laser pointer of 5 milliwatts and ends up with 50 trillion lasers that would use up Earth’s oil reserves in approximately two minutes and the moon shines as brightly as the midmorning sun. What about some more power, if we give lasers enough power to push the moon out of the gravity of the Earth that will force the moon escape Earth’s gravity and enter a lopsided orbit around the sun.

This will not make the moon a planet according to IAU definition of a planet, but a dwarf planet like Pluto. If you are interested in reading the full experiment just hit the “via” link below.

via: What If

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