Monday, November 5, 2012

Facebook testing "Pages feed" for improved content management

Facebook's news feed is quite a cluttered place now, flooded with so much information from hundreds of friends and sometimes even more number of liked pages. Facebook has got those sponsored posts as well now, which is a type of monetizing, but with so many content on a the home page the sponsored posts somehow misses out on the impact they can have with a little less content. What next, how can Facebook manage the content on the all important news feed?

Well the simple solution they are trying out is the "pages feed", what this does is add a different section for updates coming from the pages you have liked, making the news feeds much more relevant to you. The issue with Facebook at the moment is that the users are saying, that they most of the time miss information that they really care about and page owners feel that Facebook is somehow effecting their brand presence and marketing strategies. So Facebook will have to look into this issue for both sides of the coin because both sides matter to them. Facebook is also adding some notification features for pages, once you activate notification for a particular page you will get a notification whenever there is an update to the page without getting a messy news feed. So lets see how good Facebook can do with some new plans, strategies and algorithms for managing the content and making it more useful for users and brands.

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