Wednesday, January 30, 2013

23GB usable storage in Microsoft Surface 64GB

64GBs does sound a good enough space for a tablet but what if you get only 35% of that space to save your data. A spokes person from Microsoft with a talk with The Verge has confirmed that the users will be able to use only 23GB out of the box with a 64GB Microsoft Surface Pro. Sounds surprising but Microsoft is in a habit of saving backups and restores just in case, you never know with Windows. The 41GB space is taken by the built in apps from Microsoft and recovery partition, aaaah…! the built in apps doesn't sound bad but a recovery partition for a tablet, I think Microsoft is not confident about its OS :).
To make some space one will have to make a bootable USB for backup and then can delete the recovery partition, it is fair enough but Microsoft is not keeping it simple, its really a daunting task for a not so geek user to deal with such kind of thing to make more space. There is something more to increase the storage, Microsoft's surface Pro does support USB 3.0 and microSDXC cards so one can put a high capacity card in the device or can plugin an external hard disk if needed.

via - The Verge

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